New in Stock

page updated: 24 August 2016

Some days it feels like Spring is here, some days as though Winter is in its death throes and others … well, like Winter is alive, kicking, hale, hearty and never going anywhere!

Stock-wise thoughts are turning to summer … slowly. This week we welcomed four new wines.

First – with warm weather on our mind – it’s Hesketh’s The Black – sparkling Shiraz at just $20 a bottle.

Next – two Barossa Shirazes. One for every day drinking – Hesketh’s Regional Selection Shiraz which is $18 a bottle. I was reviewing our wines and realised that while premium Barossa Shiraz was represented, a cheaper alternative wasn’t! An oversight that is now remedied!

I’ve also added another premium Barossa Shiraz – the St John Road Evangelist. At $58 a bottle, for most of us it is probably a special occasion wine, but it’s one that’s received rave reviews and I look forward to showcasing in future.

Finally – after being sensible, I indulged my love of the weird and wonderful and added the Hesketh Small Parcels Bonvedro – also from the Barossa. This is a Spanish red grape and only tiny quantities of it are grown in Australia so it’s definitely something different and just $25 a bottle. I’m  looking forward to writing a detailed tasting note of it!