Advent Calendar – 12 Days of Christmas


Christmas – a time loaded with parties, impromptu gatherings, forgotten gifts and tons of stress! One thing that does not go astray during the Festive Season is wine!

So we bring you our own, all-singing, all-dancing AND all South Australian, wine Advent calendar …

The 12 Days of Christmas option needs to be ordered by Friday 24 November – we want to get it to you in time for 1 December!

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Remember being a child and every day opening the door of the Advent Calendar? It was exciting, wasn’t it?

Well, imagine how much more exciting unwrapping a bottle of wine will be!

We know that December is packed full with social activities. There’s work parties, there’s impromptu drinks with friends, there’s all those family commitments. And then there’s those unexpected gifts you’re expected to reciprocate … Ouch!

With our 12 Days of Christmas (or the Full Advent Calendar) we’ve got you covered.

    • Heading to a casual BBQ? There’ll be something to take.
    • Want to surprise your wine snob friend with something unusual? Done!
    • Want to experiment making frosé? There’ll be some rosé (which you can always just put in the fridge – the frosé part’s not compulsory!)

You’ve got the option of 12 or a full 24 days of Christmas – and yes, bottles will be individually wrapped, numbered and ready to surprise. We’re covering off a range of wine-drinking occasions and we’ll let you know which bottle suits which. Just so you don’t share anything too special with the wrong people …