Amato Vino Bela 2016


The good people at Amato Vino christened this wine Bela after deciding that Slankamenka Bela was just a little bit too much of a mouthful. Never heard of it before? It’s no surprise – Slankamenka (also known as Slankamenka Bela in Hungary) is a very old Balkan grape variety that’s today found in tiny quantities in that same area – think Romania, Hungary and Croatia.

I have no idea how it ended up in the Riverland but it did, and it’s where this wine is both grown and produced. This is the second vintage produced by Amato Vino – wild ferment in stainless steel and unfined and unfiltered (so it may be slightly cloudy) – it has delicious weight and mouthful, a bit of richness to it, slightly nutty and savoury, with citrus fruit and some riper tropical fruit too. I guess you might describe it as vaguely similar to a Fiano – but it’s best to try it on its own merits and not pigeonhole it!

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