Dell’Uva Saperavi 2012


A big, bold wine. Lots of tannins, lots of juicy black fruit.

If you love big reds, this wine is a wise choice.

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Dell’Uva Wines is run by Wayne Farquhar and family in the Barossa. On just 20 hectares he has almost 100 European grape varieties planted. Approximately half are already in production, with the remainder at the evaluation stage.

If you are looking for something you haven’t tried before, Dell’Uva is a one-stop shop.

Saperavi hails from the Eastern European country of Georgia, considered by many to be the cradle of modern European wine production.

Saperavi creates wines that are big. BIG. Lots of tannins, lots of alcohol, and lots of big, ripe, juicy black fruit flavours. This wine has excellent cellaring potential too.


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