St John’s Road LSD 2015

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Given that I’m a sucker for unusual grapes and weird combinations, when I saw this I had to try it – and I’m glad I did. It’s a big, juicy, delicious wine that works beautifully with food. If you’re a hardcore Shiraz lover – give it a try!

The name has inspired the psychedelic labelling and is itself inspired by the combo in the bottle. Lagrein is an Italian grape which brings tannin and acid to the mix. Shiraz – well, hopefully you’re familiar with that. And Durif (also known in the US as Petite Sirah) brings tons of colour, as well as some herbal, savoury notes to all the fruit that the Lagrein and Shiraz contribute.

Do you need to know this? No – but it might impress your friends (although the wine will do that for you!).

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