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WSET Wine Education Courses for January 2010

If you’ve visited the Wine Academy website over the last week you’ll have noticed that we’ve announced course dates for January 2010.

In summary, we’re running the WSET Foundation and Intermediate courses, both starting in January.

We’ll be starting the year on Saturday 16 January with the WSET Foundation course.  This is a full day course (so yes, we start at 9am) and the emphasis is learning basic wine tasting technique along with what it can tell you about a wine.  We taste seven wines with a focus on the main grape varieties used in wine making around the world and take a look at wine making and food and wine matching.  We wrap up with the exam and you can expect to be finished around 5pm.  The day is a lot of fun and offers a solid grounding in the principles of wine and wine tasting.  It’s suitable for front line retail or hospitality staff who want to gain confidence and wine drinkers who want to expand their palate and formalise their knowledge.

The course costs $200 and includes study guide, exam, all wines tasted and lunch.

Being a one day course, Foundation makes a great Christmas present and we offer personalised gift certificates.

Details about the WSET Foundation Course and sign up here.

The WSET Intermediate course starts on Saturday 30 January.  We commence with a full day on the Saturday and then follow this up with 5 Monday evening sessions (7 – 9:30pm), from February 1 through to March 1.  Intermediate is more detailed than Foundation and, again, the emphasis is on learning through tasting.  As well as a more in depth look at what happens in the vineyard and the winery we take a tour through the main wine producing countries of the world.  You’ll need to have your wine tasting boots on for this course as we taste around 50 wines, but it’s also a great way to try something (or somethings!) new.

The course is suitable for anyone who has a keen interest in wine.  It’s ideal for more experienced frontline staff or those who work with wines from around the world.  If you’re a consumer who wants to learn in more depth about wines of the world then this is the course for you.

WSET Intermediate costs $650 and this includes study guide, exam, lunch on the Saturday and all wines tasted.  We’re happy to provide gift certificates for Intermediate but please check with the recipient first, as it does require considerable commitment!

Details about the WSET Intermediate course and sign up here.

Both courses will be held at the Edinburgh Hotel and Cellars in Mitcham and class numbers are strictly limited to 12.

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